Perspective Trellis

The optical illusion created by our perspective panels increases a sense of space. It looks great and draws the eye to the outside wall of a basement and is very effective in a small courtyard or simply against a wall in a garden.

The arches are made of high grade Marine plywood, laser cut for accuracy.

Available in standard sizes:

  • PER01 – 1.50m X 0.80m
  • PER02/A – 1.75 X 0.80m
  • PER02/B – 2.20m X 0.96m
  • PER03 each panel – 1.85m X 1.50m, PER03 panels are only available with PER02/B perspective panel.
  • We can bespoke these panels to your size requirements.

    Centre Trellis
    Centre Trellis